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The Massive delivers a weekly fix of underground electronic dance music from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, and around the world!



NoProfit is a producer and DJ who played out on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island over 150 times in 2010, including sets at the legendary Soundwave on Vancouver Island’s West Coast and Cortes Island’s Carrington Bay Music Festival as well as every major centre on Vancouver Island between Campbell River and the provincial capital of Victoria. Since then, NoProfit’s life has taken a twist for the unexpected.

“In 2010 my mom was put on a waitlist for coronary valve replacement. When she saw the cardiologist in 2011, we found she needed a quadruple arterial bypass as well. During this period she was diagnosed with a form of dementia. She couldn’t live independently anymore and as per her wishes putting her in a home for seniors wasn’t an option. That’s when I stepped in to help. She’s fully recovered from her surgery. But, her dementia is something we live with.”

These life changes were pretty drastic. But, music was something NoProfit had always done. He played bass in metal and punk bands on the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island during the 80s and 90s.

“Also, in the late 80s I got into programming with drum machines and home recording with four track cassette recorders. Back in the late 90s, I was introduced to Vancouver Island’s underground rave scene while it was in its heyday. At the turn of the century, I dropped the band thing and went to university where I was further exposed to underground electronic dance music. In 2007 I began broadcasting my weekly radio show - The Massive.”  

The Massive features local, regional, and national underground electronic dance music producers and performing DJs on 101.7 FM CHLY - Nanaimo, BC’s campus/community radio station.

“By this time, I was established on Vancouver Island as a performing DJ and my programming and home recording evolved into producing music with computers and outboard gear. In 2011, I collaborated on a track - “Bassline” and remixed it.”

The Bassline E.P. was released by Calgary’s Breakz R Boss Records and is available on Beatport, iTunes, and other online dance music retailers. “Bassline” was subsequently remixed by various artists for the Breakz R Boss label. He also contributed, “Timeswings – NoProfit Remix” to the Breakz R Boss promo release, Boots n Bass.

“By 2014, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving Mom alone long enough for me to play a gig. I’d taken her once to a sound check and gave her industrial strength ear protection, but it was still too loud for her and I ended up chasing her down the street. Needless to say, it was kinda hard to do the sound check and the gig. She and I still have a chuckle about that when I remind her of it. Also, taking her to the station for the radio show became difficult. That’s when I started pre-producing The Massive at home; it wasn’t that different from producing music – just longer as it’s a two hour show.”

As well as an FM broadcast and available on CHLY live Internet stream, The Massive had evolved into an iTunes available podcast with 200 plus episodes available for download or stream.

“During this time I had more time on my hands at home. I had an increasing amount of finished and unfinished tracks that were sitting on the hard drive. This is when I decided to start my vanity label, No One Records [].”

The first single release for No One Records was NoProfit’s 2014 remix of “Bassline” followed by his five track, Moon City E.P, which earned national airplay on Canadian campus/community radio and charted locally on CFBX in Kamloops, BC and CJAM in Windsor, ON. He also has music available at

“Due to the nature of gigs in the underground electronic dance music scene on Vancouver Island, it’s difficult to schedule a family member to look after Mom so I can play out. I’m not retired or against playing out, but if there’s a change to the event scheduling or location it has a ripple effect for me as I’m not the only one affected on the home team by the change. So for now, I’m happy to look after Momsie and have the time to make music; it’s kind of like being a rock star except without the fame, money, or gigs!”